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join the wild dinosaurs team!

Wild Dinosaurs Entertainment is the most WILD job opportunity of all time!

We are all dinosaurs all the time! Wild Dinosaurs Entertainment is a dinosaur themed children's entertainment provider based in Houston, Texas and serves the greater Houston area and beyond. We are a mobile service which means we deliver the dinosaur entertainment to our client's location. Quality of the entertainment experience is of the utmost importance and is integral to the Wild Dinosaurs Entertainment brand. We bring the dinosaur theme park experience to our client!

What we do

We're all about spreading joy and love for natural science while having fun and providing our clients with the most epic entertainment service they've ever had! We provide dinosaur character entertainment and activities for parties and events as well as educational shows for schools, daycare centers and summer camps. We strive to raise the bar with FUN-DUCATIONAL experiences that are totally engaging for dinosaur enthusiasts of all sizes! Our services include:

  • BIG Dinosaur Costume Performances

  • Baby Dinosaur Puppetry

  • Dinosaur themed activities

Who we're looking for

Anyone who is energetic, reliable, motivated and passionate about acting and performing and would like to perfect their skills on-the-job as a character performer! Get paid to hone your craft by performing in varying environments, in front of a wide range of audience sizes and all while sharing a theme that practically EVERYBODY loves... DINOSAURS! 🦖😄👍 We frequently have availability for:

  • Actors to play the part of a Dinosaur Trainer - Lead the performance as this brave and adventurous character who presents their pet dinosaurs to the audience with scripted and rehearsed presentations as well as improvised interactions during activities.

    • Acting or performing experience of relevance is recommended

    • Head shot and Resume are required for submission

  • Dinosaur Costume Performers - BE the dinosaur! Wear and operate a large animatronic dinosaur costume with strikingly realistic appearance, movements and sounds. Perform rehearsed routines and improvise life-like dinosaur behavior during activities and audience interaction.

    • Recommended to have mascot or character performing experience. Experience in dance, sports, puppeteering, or other forms of physical performing are also relevant. Costumes weigh approximately 50lbs and therefore general physical fitness and endurance is encouraged.

About the job

As a Wild Dinosaurs team member you will be hired on a gig-by-gig basis to perform for different birthday parties, events and schools, daycare centers, etc. 

  • Competitive pay! Performer pay starts at $50 for 30 minutes

  • Very flexible! Work as much or as little as you want. Can fit into most schedules.

  • Great opportunity to perfect your performing skills on-the-job!

  • Very unique experience! Our dinosaurs offer a very rare experience for our clients AND our team members!


Performers are expected to:

  • Memorize all scripted routines and basic dinosaur facts and must practice and rehearse on their own time as needed.

  • Must participate in occasional rehearsals or team meetings

  • Be reliable and commit to all gigs that you have accepted

  • Be timely and arrive at scheduled call times, every time

  • Communicate efficiently and respond to calls, texts and emails in a timely manner

  • Have reliable transportation and the ability to commute across the greater Houston area. Team members will travel to each gig location independently.

  • Have weekend availability year round. Weekday availability during the summer is not required but highly encouraged

  • Have good customer service skills and ability to maintain a professional mindset in high-stress environments

  • Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid Texas drivers license

  • Be able to lift up to 50 pounds

  • Be willing to work outdoors in all conditions, as required by each location. This includes outdoors during the summer

  • Have a Zelle account to receive payments

Wild Dinosaurs is a blast... from the past! 🌴🦖🌋🦕🌴

Who we are

ready to apply?

Using the link below, send us an email with a brief description of yourself, your experience, interest in working with Wild Dinosaurs Entertainment and how you heard about this opportunity. Be sure to include your resume and a head shot to be considered for a spot on our team. We look forward to working with you!

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